Kristian “Shakey Stevens” Johansen is a DJ / Producer currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Born in Sweden, his family relocated to Norway while he was still an infant. Kristian spent most of his childhood and youth in the town of Larvik, where he discovered his love for electronic music. Throughout the late 90s his interest and enthusiasm for music increased day by day. He started spinning records around 2000, when hardhouse and club music was at its peak. He was involved in numerous local events and festivals, most notably he played a key management role in the popular Larvik night club Check-Point.

In 2009 Kristian experienced a major breakthrough when he had a guest mix on Bora Bora Radio(, hosted by the legendary Gee Moore. A familiar name to techno and house fans worldwide, On Sept. 12. 2011 Kristian’s mix was broadcast to thousands of listeners in Spain, Portugal and even across the Atlantic in Brazil!

At present, Kristian is busy getting his latest project up and running. Midnight-Groove is a promising management/event agency in its early stages. During its short existence since April ‘11, Midnight-Groove has already arranged several successful clubs in Tønsberg and booked an impressive schedule for the summer. Kristian’s musical abilities both as a DJ and producer, combined with his entrepreneurial skills and comprehensive network are a sure recipe for success. Two additional team members were selected to take part in the Midnight-Groove venture.

Kristian’s exquisite taste and unique style is guaranteed to keep you dancing all night. Expect anything from a smooth blend of minimal –and tech-house, to classic techno and hard club tunes!

No matter your preference DJ Shakey is sure to get you groovin’ !